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Introducing Pre-Developed Creatine Gummies Ready to Manufacture for Your Brand! 

Each delicious green apple gummy packs 500mg of pure creatine, delivering the perfect balance of convenience and potency for your customer's needs. Our gummies are meticulously crafted to offer the potency your brand needs in a novel and delicious form. Made vegan-friendly, natural and with gluten-free ingredients, they cater to diverse dietary preferences while delivering the benefits of creatine monohydrate.

Why choose our Creatine gummies? Here are just a few reasons:

Ready-Made Solution: These gummies are market-ready, saving you time and R&D expenses.

Simple Packaging: Choose between 90 and 150ct pouches or opt for bulk packaging shipped directly to you or your co-packer.

Natural Green Apple Flavor: Enjoy the refreshing taste of natural green apple in every bite, making supplementation a delightful experience.

Made with Gluten Free Ingredients: We understand the importance of clean, quality ingredients.

Vegan-Friendly: These pectin gummies are not made from gelatin.

Market Ready: Label Template, Nutrition facts and COA's are ready for your brand.

Whether you're a brand for athletes, a fitness enthusiast, or simply seeking to support your active lifestyle, our Creatine gummies offer a convenient and effective solution. Say goodbye to cumbersome powders and pills – elevate your brand with tasty, hassle-free gummies.

It's time to bulk up your brand with Creatine gummies!

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With 500mg per gummy, simply label the serving size to meet your dosing needs.

For example, 6 gummies = 3,000mg of Creatine:

10 gummies = 5,000mg of Creatine:

Or label each gummy individually:

Want something different? We specialize in Custom Formulations as well.

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