Frequently asked questions (and answers)

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1. Why outsource gummy manufacturing? 

Grow sales, customer loyalty, and company success when you work with industry experts to create a collection of superior gummy products for your branded line. When you outsource services, you leverage the best of what manufacturing industry leaders have to offer, from ingredients and technology to cost and operational efficiency. Let GPG focus on creating a unique, high-quality product for your brand while you focus on developing the market and servicing your customers.

2. How long does it take to create my custom gummy product? 

From conception to delivery, custom products take about 6-8 weeks depending on your formulation and lab R&D process. In GPG’s fast and easy system:

  • Your formulation idea is communicated to our chemistry team
  • A unique recipe is created for your brand
  • Lab results and samples are sent for your review
  • Manufacturing begins for your custom product
  • Products move to the bottling, labeling, and shipping stages
3. How do I get started?

GPG aims to make the manufacturing process as quick and easy as possible for clients, providing white-glove service and expertise you can trust. To get started, simply fill out the form here to be contacted by one of our knowledgeable sales professionals. They will guide you every step of the way. 

4. What can my team do to ensure the best outcome in a custom gummy product?

The most important thing your team can provide is a precisely identified marketable concept, whether you desire a new formula to complement your current product line up, or you have identified a new market opportunity. A clear understanding of what you're aiming to accomplish with your product is the best way to ensure not only smooth manufacturing, but also a great return on investment.

5. What is the required minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities begin at 300,000 units.

6. Are there significant price breaks at larger order quantities?

Yes, GPG issues quantity discounts based on order specifications. Talk to your sales representative to learn more.

7. Do you provide label design services?

GPG’s design team is happy to work with you to create eye-catching product labels and display boxes that reflect your brand. Or, if you have an in-house designer you prefer to work with, we can provide packaging dimensions and specifications.

8. Can I view/try a sample before partnering with GPG?

Yes, we have a variety of gummy formulations and flavors ready to ship for you to examine a sample of formulations we can produce. As a part of your custom gummy formulation order process, you will sample your gummies before full-scale production begins.

9. Can you reverse engineer a popular product for gummy formulation?

Yes, GPG can reverse engineer a product currently on the market in our full-service lab. 

10. What kind of ingredients does GPG use?

GPG products are made with all-natural ingredients that are gluten-free, naturally flavored, non-GMO, fast-acting, and made in the USA. Ingredients are sustainably sourced to create goods you (and your customers) can trust.  Some of our more popular formulas include:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Vitamins and Omegas
  • Hair, Skin and Nail
  • Turmeric
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Immune Support
  • And More…
11. Are GPG products manufactured in the USA?

GPG is based in Florida and produces all products in the USA. From ingredient sourcing and formulation to production and packaging, you’ll get a front row seat to the manufacturing process as your product is created and shipped from our facility.

12. Can you fulfill the product in packaging I provide?

Yes, with additional documentation for quality assurance, we can use client-provided packaging for GPG manufactured products.

13. Is GPG FDA-registered?

Yes, GPG manufactures all product in our FDA-registered facility.

14. Can gummy formulas be customized to my specifications?

Yes! Not only can you choose from a variety of shapes, flavors, colors, and finishes to make a unique combination, but you can also customize ingredients and get as an incredibly unique gummy offering for your branded line.

15. What is the shelf life of the gummy products in your program? 

As with any food and supplement manufacturing, the components dictate the shelf life. Our process and selective ingredient sourcing ensures the longest shelf life available; however, we are available to answer any additional question you may have about specific product formulations.

16. Why doesn’t GPG use gelatin for gummy formulas?

We never use gelatin in our gummy formula. Pectin is vegan-friendly and has a much higher melting point than gelatin. This helps preserve the customer's gummies in hot transport conditions, so it always arrives fresh and ready for customers to enjoy.

17. What kind of ingredients does GPG use?

GPG products are made with all-natural ingredients that are gluten-free, naturally flavored, non-GMO, fast-acting, and made in the USA. Ingredients are sustainably sourced to create goods you (and your customers) can trust.  

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