Precision manufacturing
through cutting-edge technology

Embrace the power of state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery. GPG’s 300L gummy molding device is equipped to handle everything from pilot test batches to 50L lots while maintaining the superior quality clients expect.  
Where excellence meets innovation

Where excellence meets innovation

FDA-registered facility
With advanced technology and a leading-edge production center, GPG is proud to craft premium gummy supplements right here in sunny Florida. The facility embodies precision, efficiency, and a commitment to delivering exceptional American-made products that exceed expectations.
Photo of a manufacturing facility building
660 lb/h
production capacity
GPG’s gummy machinery boasts an impressive production capacity, ensuring maximum manufacturing efficiency and timeliness. The specially designed de-molding device ensures smooth and precise gummy extraction with flexibility to change molds to create various shapes and sizes.
Photo of a G300 Gummy Manufacturing machine
Safety-driven automation
In-line injection, pre-mixing, and dosing capabilities enable GPG’s gummy machinery to accurately and proportionately dose liquid ingredients. Designed with sanitation and safety in mind, GPG equipment also features a hands-free dedicated pump for automatic injection of flavors, colors, and acids.
Photo of conveyer belts on G300 gummy manufacturing machine

Extensive capability,
top-notch quality

Create any size order starting at 300,000 customized, tasty gummies for your brand!
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Gummy producing machine outputting a large quantity of orange colored gummies

Specialized packaging solutions

Bulk pack

Approx. 5 lb bags

GPG can bulk pack your order in less than one day!


250cc, 300cc, 400cc, 500cc, and more

The facility packages 2,500 bottles every hour!


Pouch width: 100mm – 210mm
Pouch height: 120mm – 300mm

Bag packing is exceptionally fast at a rate of 120 pouches per minute.
Choose exactly how you receive your branded gummies for optimal storage and sale at your retail location.
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