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Why gummies?

This flavorful vehicle for dietary supplements took shape in the 1960s with the introduction of the iconic "Gummy Bear" by German confectionery company, Haribo. The only constraint? The number of ingredients manufacturers could pack into a single chew; however, over the years, advancements in technology and formulation techniques ultimately led to the development of the gummy supplements consumers love today. Gummies can now be specially made to fit a variety of nutritional needs in vegan-friendly options such as pectin and even sugar-free flavor varieties.
Consumers are putting their money where their mouths are
estimated total gummy market by 2028.
expected growth in gummy supplements market by 2028.

How we work

Obtaining the raw materials for creating dietary supplements, such as turmeric, isn't as simple as placing an order. Turmeric, for instance, is a natural crop which has to be cultivated, harvested, and processed. From accounting for seasonal variations in quality to navigating the long lead times for obtaining the best turmeric at an attractive price point, the procurement process is intricate. However, by leveraging demand forecasting algorithms, in-depth velocity reports, and securing annual contracts with trusted growers, we manage to streamline the sourcing process. When you collaborate with GPG, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a meticulously planned supply chain that delivers top-quality ingredients efficiently.

Transparency, documentation, real-see.

Leverage GPG's expertise, industry relationships, and dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients for your bespoke gummy supplement order.

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Synergized partnership and communication for optimal outcomes

Seamless Adaptability: By maintaining open interaction and a strong relationship, GPG can swiftly address updates in ingredient availability, production schedules, or formulation requirements, ensuring a seamless manufacturing process and a tailored product.
Top Ingredient Sourcing: Continuous collaboration empowers GPG to tap into a vast partner network, securing top-tier ingredients for your gummy supplements and optimizing quality through vigilant sourcing.
Innovative Problem Solving: A dynamic partnership with GPG helps collectively tackle challenges and devise inventive solutions through shared expertise and strategic problem-solving.
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How it works

GPG offers multiple initial formulation strategies and the benefit of annual contracts to predict demand, optimize facility use, and minimize waste and downtime, so you get the best products at the best price.


Prioritizing quality and timeliness in any approach

For your first order, place a deposit for GPG to handle ingredient procurement and R&D. This 12-week process allows ample time for thorough evaluation and formulation strategy development.


A transparency-first process designed to alleviate manufacturing pain points 

Sourcing premium ingredients such as natural flavors, bases, finishes, and actives is a time-intensive process, varying based on your specific requirements. Every element in your product is hand-picked to meet GPG’s high quality standards. Employing demand prediction can assist in streamlining this timeframe.


Predictable lead times and dependability for timely delivery

GPG relies on contracts to foresee your needs and strategize upcoming orders for precise and timely deliveries. Through demand forecasting and weekly velocity reports, GPG can minimize ingredient sourcing lead time, granting a competitive edge in speed.
Choose exactly how you receive your branded gummies for optimal storage and sale at your retail location.

3 Reasons To Partner With Us

White glove service, meticulous development, and innovative technology make the process smooth and simple.

Our People

From research and formulation to manufacturing and packaging, GPG staff consists of dedicated experts who are passionate about one simple thing: creating marketable supplements you can count on.

Our Formulas

The GPG lab can help you formulate, engineer, or reverse engineer custom gummy supplements using ingredients hand-picked by you. Whether you want to create the perfect multivitamin chew or more specialized gummies for your customers, GPG can help.

Our Elite Manufacturing

We understand the significance of transparency in the new era of manufacturing, which is why GPG has implemented real-time tracking throughout the entire production cycle. From the R&D phase to final product shipping, you have full visibility into every step. Thorough documentation ensures every aspect of the manufacturing process is carefully recorded, so you can confidently devote your energy to the important task of marketing and selling your shelf-ready gummy products.

Experience the power of expertise and become part of the 1 million extraordinary gummies GPG can produce every day!

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