Custom gummy formulation revolutionized

Discover how science and creativity converge to create the perfect chewy supplement for your brand. From precise ingredient selection to meticulous flavor, color, and shape development, every aspect of your product is tailor-made and keenly monitored to ensure your satisfaction.  

A simple and proven process

GPG’s structured manufacturing method makes creating your custom gummy product smooth and effortless. 


Work with the GPG team to dream up the perfect gummy concept for your brand.

Define specifications

10 minutes
Jot down your gummy ideas and requirements on our product development form.

Get an estimate

2 days
Collect pricing details for your custom gummy order directly from your GPG representative.

The proof is in the results

A graphic of a seal for certificate of authenticity
Certificate of authenticity
Every GPG product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from an independent laboratory, demonstrating full ingredient transparency and uncompromising devotion to quality. Our commitment to third-party testing exemplifies our dedication to exceptional product manufacturing, instilling confidence in both our valued clients and their customers.
Photo of scientific beakers and flasks with plants in and around them

Conduct R&D

2 weeks
Let GPG’s in-house formulation experts create the perfect blend, texture, color, and shape for your product.

Test the sample

1 week
Receive and taste your custom formulated gummy.

Finalize quote

1 week
Confirm your final formula and select quantities to receive an adjusted quote.

Submit P.O. & deposit

1 week
Sign the purchase order and submit payment.

Commence production

3 weeks
Sit back while the production line goes to work. GPG handles procurement, compounding, manufacturing, drying, and packaging.

Receive shipment

1 week
Accept your new custom gummies and market the product to your customers. 
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The pectin difference

GPG sets itself apart from the rest by specializing in the production of pectin-based gummies, a superior plant-based option with enhanced texture, flavor, and allergen-friendly qualities. Pectin provides increased stability compared to traditional gelatin used by competitors. This formulation technique ensures each gummy maintains its quality from production to your customers’ homes.


Unlike the animal bi-product gelatin, pectin is derived from fruits, making it suitable for individuals following vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diets.

Versatile Texture

Pectin gummies have a softer, more delicate texture compared to gelatin-based gummies. They offer a pleasant chew that melts in the mouth, appealing to a broader range of consumers.


Pectin is hypoallergenic and does not contain common allergens such as gluten, dairy, or eggs, making it a safer option for those with dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Enhanced Flavor Release

Pectin encapsulates flavors more effectively than gelatin, resulting in a superior flavor release and a more intense and authentic taste experience. 


Pectin is more resistant to high temperatures and humidity compared to gelatin, so they are less prone to melting or losing their shape. This helps maintain quality and appearance for a longer shelf life.
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